Thursday, February 13, 2020

Morris, note on sculpture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Morris, note on sculpture - Essay Example He was in the forefront of art movement in America which included process art and land art. His major works included â€Å"notes on sculpture†, anti-Form, creation of minimalist key exemplars like rectangular beams and cubes which had no figuration. I would characterize Morris’ status in art history as an influential art personality who changed the industry of art. This is due to his works that introduced indeterminacy and temporality in the field of art. According to Morris, (3), Morris defines the most fundamental components of sculpture as to include: mass which has to do with the bulk of the sculpture. This is important because it defines the sculpture’s edges the second one is space. This is that air around the given solid sculpture. It is important for linking separate sculpture parts and defines the sculpture edges. Additionally it can provide areas of emptiness in the sculpture when enclosed by a part of the very sculpture. Color, dimension, flatness and texture may also be some important elements of a sculpture including shape. Gestalt is a term used to refer to a pattern or configuration of elements that are unified as a whole. As such it implies some pattern. Morris used pyramids, cubes and polyhedrons that are regular to achieve this. He asserted that this forms when used can result in to one achieving a very strong sensation of Gestalt. Gestalt, thus he described to be patterns or even configurations that the whole is considered to produce greater significance that is better than when the parts are individually considered and are also different. Gestalt is generally the pattern brought by the whole and not an individual piece of the whole. Indeed Morris claims that sculptures exist in a situation and not as self-contained forms. This he asserts by arguing that sculptures communicate situations that the artist needed to depict (Morris, 17). As

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