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Desdemona - Virtuous Woman or Modern Woman Challenging...

The polysemic nature of Shakespeare’s Othello means that throughout time, different cultures have found certain readings of particular characters more relevant than others. For example, there are many possible readings of Desdemona, but two of the more dominant interpretations include seeing her as the ideal wife who falls victim to an abusive husband and viewing Desdemona as a progressive woman who contributed to her downfall by being outspoken and challenging the position of women in her time. Both readings are relevant to contemporary society especially when you take into consideration the role feminism has played in shaping modern thinking and the number of abusive relationships portrayed in our media. However as will be shown,†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ Many female characters in movies perform functional roles that provide a love interest and victim for heroes to save. The view that women should be innocent and faithful is a very old cultural assumption that is still relevant today. A reading that constructs Desdemona as the innocent and pure victim will be more relevant to contemporary society because most audience members will feel comfortable with this type of representation. Although a reading that challenges the traditional roles of women in society maybe beneficial to the community, it is also more likely to be rejected by segments of the community who feel uncomfortable with the commentary it makes on society. Therefore, a reading of Desdemona that perpetrates stereotypes by relying on traditional discourses of femininity prevalent in our media will be the more relevant to modern audiences.’ Desdemona is a character that can be read in multiple ways, some of which are more relevant to contemporary society than others. Desdemona can be interpreted as the â€Å"good woman† who despite displaying great virtues is murdered by her jealous husband or as a modern woman challenging oppressive societal values. Both readings are relevant to modern society however interpreting Desdemona, as the innocent victim is more relevant for contemporary society as audiences are more familiar with this

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Overview (Salinas). Kean University Is A Public University

Overview (Salinas): Kean University is a public university located in Union, New Jersey and was founded in 1855. Kean University offers many different services to their students enrolled, including one of the most popular department on campus, The Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid is devoted to offering different services and information to students attending Kean. Located on first floor of the Administration Building, The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through Saturday and offers phone hours Monday through Friday. Students can schedule an appointment, where they will have a chance to sit and speak with a financial counselor. Students who attend Kean, can follow updates from The Office of Financial Aid†¦show more content†¦It is approximated that 66% of incoming students receive financial assistance. On average, around $4,768 is awarded as federal grants to students. Scholarships provided by Kean University average around $2,803 each. In addition, many factors contribute to receiving a form of aid such as income level. For example, the lower the income level the more aid the students receive while the higher the income level the less aid they receive. On average for all undergraduate students, 48% of students receive aid averaging around $6,565. Kean University also provides students with a Net Price Calculator that was designed to help students calculate their estimated financial aid and options. The Net Price Calculator provided by Kean University asks students about their high school grade point average, SAT and ACT scores, FAFSA data, and more financial information to estimate their overall scholarship and aid options. In addition, current students enrolled in Kean University receive many financial options to pay for their tuition. Such as payment plans, subsidized, and unsubsidized loans provided by the college. Current students are required to agree to the Financial Obligations Agreement (FOA) on KeanWISE once per term before registering for classes. Students must also remove any holds from their accounts including any past due amounts from their tuition to be eligible to register for classes. If

Consumerist Culture of Young Generations in Malaysia free essay sample

Malaysia is considered an upper-middle income county and will soon become a developed country in the near future. As of the development of economy, the consumption habits in the younger generation shows some very different characteristics from their parents’ generations. The objective of this study is to explore the transmissions of such consumerist cultures among the youths in Malaysia. In this study, our researchers investigate how cultural symbols are conserved through its core values by collecting the young people’s ideas, attitudes, and beliefs about the various cultures of material consumption portrayed or adopted, and how the young generations in Malaysia challenge the patterns of their own culture. Purposeful sampling strategy (Given, 2008) was used to select participants who have been exposed to the consumerist cultures in Malaysia, so as to analyze how their immediate environment affects and relates to them. A qualitative method of research was used, and interviews were conducted with the participants. Participants were identified customers in Bangsar Village, the high-end shopping mall in the very metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur’s upper class estate regions, and the researchers had face to face interviews with these participants. 2. Current Situation in Malaysia As Malaysia’s markets which cater for consumer demands and habits are rapidly growing, and population and commercial growths are increasing drastically, the consumption habits have also been changing constantly in the purchasing power of the population, especially youth-oriented consumerism (Noor, 1996). Some reasons result in the evolution of consumption habits in Malaysian youths. One reason is the increasing level of wealth, where young people enjoy spending freedom and choice, either through the contemporary luxury of receiving allowances from their parents, or start working by an early age, either as a part-time or full-time employee. Another reason is, more and more young people are receiving higher levels of education, and as a result, they can earn higher salaries when they graduate, and also learn of the different consumption cultures from during their study. One of the most influential effects is the mass media, such as the internet and the television, which has played an important role in shaping the young generation’s consumption attitudes (Noor, 1996). Western consumerist cultures have deeply influenced the beliefs of the Malaysia youths, thus they have become more westernized and this influence is not just happening in Malaysia, but globally as well (Singhapakdi et al, 1999). However, comparing Malaysian to other western cultures such as in that in the United States, Singhapakdi et al (1999) suggests that there is a difference, either in terms of self-congruence, or that of cultural learning. It is believed other countries such as neighboring Singapore and Indonesia, have been adopting the similar western habits and cultures for quite some time. A consumerist’s general view of life can be described as consuming is a good thing, and the more consumption, the better (Dwyer, 2007). Therefore, there are no forms of ethnocentrism detected from the youths interviewed. The population of young Malaysian consumers under 25 years old reached about 43% in the whole of Malaysia in 2003 (Pricewaterhousecoopers, 2004). Therefore, this gigantic group of potential consumers is becoming the target of many marketing and promotional efforts (Koehn, 2007). Merchants and marketing professionals have used various methods and ways to influence and brainwash the younger generations into believing in their goods from the very early stages of life. The research is an effort to give a rudimentary insight on the consumerism activities among Malaysian young people. The Core Values of Consumerist Culture Consumerism is defined as â€Å"believing that happiness is based on what you consume† (Plato Volunteer Class, 2007). The young people who are influenced by today’s consumerist cultures have an obviously different opinion from their parents’ generations’ consumption habits. Some of their parents have faced hardships in life, particularly during childhood and youth, compared to today’s life of young people where many are over-privileged and even spoilt for choices of luxurious goods (Noor, 1996). Parents tend to think more about sustainability, which according to Plato Volunteer Class’s interpretation, is described as â€Å"working to meet the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to eet their needs† (pp. 2). Sustainability is made up of three main factors: social, environment, and economics. Hence, these parents are considered to be quite thrifty; they tend to have the mentality of â€Å"saving money†. Socially, our research found that youths nowadays tend to look to their idols for shared interests and self-images . Environmentally, there is an influx of international cultures around Malaysia, where internationalism, which according to Klein (2002) and Jain (1989), affects today’s minds through globalization and localization strategies. Whereas economically, it is only normal that our current economy is rather well-off, where working adults can afford many of the branded goods and items published portrayed in stalls and advertised in the media. In families where the condition of life is better, parents would like to spend on more luxurious things such as furniture, electronic gadgets, comfortable and classy transportation, and investments in safer and healthier housing estates, citing an importance towards comfort and safety. Marketers who see this will utilize buyer’s sense of importance towards materials, and portray an item as a daily necessity (Klein, 2002). The more there is a need for an item, the better it is to publish it using methods of appeal, such as using actors and famous names to portray the item (Koehn, 2007). However, many analysts suggest this is only a method of advertisement, and many youths nowadays are affected by their idols to buy goods which they in fact do not need, or already have; hence, the younger generation today are likely to be seen as taking for granted the basic needs required, and focusing more on narrow lines of goods (Koehn, 2007). Surprisingly, one interviewee mentioned the need to identify needs instead of wants, and quoted a phrase that was exposed to him, â€Å"when you keep buying things that you do not need, one day you will have to sell off the things you need†. This is the perfect example of over-spending on unnecessary items, until one day when we least expect it, we are faced with financial difficulties, and we are in need of cash; the only way to get cash is to liquidate our possessions and properties that we own (Cairns, 2006). Self-control, Item Pricing and Consumerist Behaviour Young people think they should spend money on anything that they like if the stuff is comfortable to them, citing a type of Hedonist culture within the community. Going shopping and looking for things they liked is a break for them to relax when they are stressed. At least spend a little bit, after spending they will feel happy. One of the interviewed participants, James Liu, mentioned that he is enjoying his consumerist habits. His consumerist style isn’t too luxurious, but he is fond of buying his idols’ albums, posters and magazine. The reason for such consumerist habits is because he is very passionate in supporting idols. The idols are a part of his life, and he feels a connection with them whenever he hears the music, and sees them in the media. He enjoys his consumerist style, although it is quite different with the consumerist habits of his family members who are thrifty, as he finds that his consumerist style brings him happiness and entertainment. This shows that many young, and not to exclude, even older, consumers, enjoy the habit of spending on their interests if it brings them pleasure and productivity, without compromising their financial situation (Cairn, 2006). Hence, they think it is worthy for them to spend their money in that way as they enjoy what they are doing now. Markus is another Malaysian student and part-timer won’t spend too much on luxurious things but branded stuff. He has such consumerist habits because he believes that branded stuffs have high quality and they can be used for a longer time. Since his family members are quite thrifty but most of his friends are heavy consumerists, we found that his consumerist habits swing between being thrifty and luxurious. He tries not to spend so much money on some items but he does buy branded stuffs. However, we found that his parents play a bigger role on affecting his consumerist habits than his friends. Although he will buy branded stuff, he will try hard to control his spending and he tries to follow his parents to make a budget on buying branded stuff. Besides that, in the interview, he had mentioned several times that he won’t follow the trend as he thinks that trend will cause people to spend a lot. This shows that a significant number of youths nowadays enjoy spending money, not just for their needs, but for reasons of self-indulgence as well. One final participant brings into perspective the consumerist cultures around Jie Si, which is of luxury and comfort, but she has her own opinions. Although she sometimes agrees to her family members’ and friends’ willingness to spend on luxurious things, Jie Si’s has started to budget her expenses. She has such change because of her own experience. Her past experience of owning too many unnecessary items has caused her to be careful and good at identifying her needs. Items that are reasonable, and a habit of saving up for that particular item, are how she participates and carries out her styles as a consumer. Furthermore, she finds it has an indirect motivation for her to do something from buying and spending on an item. For example, she will feel like jogging often when she buys a pair of new running shoes. This serves to support Dwyer’s (2007) position on why people feel a sense of satisfaction and urge to spend on things, but only if that interest can be sustained for a long period of time. Many people spend heavily at one moment for things which they need, but only to see that that need is a temporary one, and there are many other alternatives to approach and deal with that need (Dwyer, 2007). Peer influence applies a vicious effect towards consumerist behaviours as well. For example, an interviewee mentioned that he was actually being looked down and laughed at by his friends from school, for not buying the latest set of stationery and textbooks for school. This shows that peer pressure does have a slight effect on forcing someone to spend on things just because they do not want to be left out of the pack (Koehn, 2007). Most of those young people know how to control themselves because they are considered teenagers and not working adults fully supporting their own lives. They see their parents work so hard and give their money to spend for daily expenses which come from their own pockets, so young people try not to spend so much of their parents’ money but spend according to their own savings and salaries. They still try to find discounts and bargained goods if they feel the items desired are overpriced. Because of the large gap between theirs and their parents’ generations’ consumption ideas, some of them rarely get support from their parents on buying things. Young people do manage their budget. They just get pocket money from parents. They save money before getting the new item. They won’t buy it that they can’t afford it. They try their best to earn money to support their habits by taking part time jobs. They want to learn to spend their own money and control their budget. Sometimes they think they should follow their parents’ habits, by not spending so much so often. Since students are studying at same time, they have to pay a lot of money for their school fees. Some of them applied for government education loans, as it helps them settle their school fees problem. That ay they will get to spend on things they urge, without feeling worried or guilty about their financial situation with education. The younger generations think their ideal culture is one that does not follow trend but follow one’s own comfort and sense of worth, while hoping their parents will support and follow their consumerist habits. They also hope their parents spend money on anything that they like. But the reality is their parents spend money on basic needs rather than on the things that they desire. However, in today’s society, the older generations are learning to accept the social and economic changes spreading across the globe. Compared with previous times where people earn very little and there are very few brands available in the market, today’s society is filled with branded goods, and any products which do not have a catchy name or sound to it, will eventually be written off and condemned into the abyss (Sirsi et al, 1996; Alden et al, 1999). When young people spend quite a lot of money on branded stuffs, their parents used to protest against their willingness to buy these expensive stuffs. At same time they know that young generation’s consumerist culture is different from them. Young people try to change their habits. Analysis Consumption behaviour among Malaysian youths shows inconsistent and irregular patterns – they depend on brands and idols to help them identify and relate to an item or material. Some products depend highly on advertisement and marketing forms, while others are influenced and transmitted through peers and trends. There are some who emphasize on the need to feel comfort and satisfaction, where they like to buy branded stuff because they think most of the branded stuffs tend to be of higher quality and are more comfortable to wear. Moreover, branded goods tend to last longer. However, many also follow the consumer habits of their parents and surrounding friends: if they feel it is necessary, I will too. Expert guidance is always preferred to individual reviewing of materials and goods. Youths usually enjoy spending a lot of money on expensive food, branded stuff such as clothes, shoes, computers, phones, and fund other interests such as albums, posters and magazines of their singers or movie star idols. Youths adore their idols because they feel that when they are in a bad mood, the songs can bring them positive energy and feel relaxed and appy. Like their friends, young people buy original version and are against the pirated version, as they think this is the real support to their idols. The consumption habits of today’s youths are affected by the western culture because of the easy access to information from today’s forms of media (Sirsi et al, 1996), which emphasize a lot on the importance of brand. Sirsi et al (1996) also mentioned that intracultural variation (between experts and novices) have an important effect on consumerist habits and beliefs. Also, influences on their consumer habits come from family members and peers as well. Within the family, parents are the sole consumerists, and an example of their buying power and pattern will be transmitted toward their children. However, some youths disagree with their parent’s spending habits, and wishes for more flexibility; hence, they work to earn and spend on their own, that way their parents will have little or none to say about their behaviours and beliefs. Conclusion The results of the survey are helpful in identifying and stratifying the consumerist cultures of Malaysian youths, in addition to increasing our understanding of their consumerist ideas, attitudes and beliefs. The results indicate that the young generation of Malaysia prefer in pursuing pleasure by consuming. It is clear for all to acknowledge the differences seen between the consumption habits of the older and younger generations; the latter are often criticized by their elders for the voluptuous consumptions. Our report shows different sides of the youth’s consumption habits. Although they are very eager to own goods live trendy lifestyles, some of them understand their parents’ labor in raising a family. However, the urge to spend is much stronger, and they tend to foresee what their parents have gone through during their age, and how the satiation was then. Parents tend to be more cautious when they spend, bearing in mind the financial burden they have now, and before. Hence the children try their best to reach goals on a more independent scale, ideally without parents’ help, and sometimes even their knowledge, because they do not want their parents to worry or have a say.

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The Holocaust Repirations and Payments Essay Example For Students

The Holocaust Repirations and Payments Essay The Holocaust: Repirations and PaymentsThe Holocaust was a robbery, however money cannot replace the lives that were destroyed.The World Jewish Congress estimates between 23-32 billion 1945 dollars were taken from jews in occupied Europe. This money was taken through lies, theft and outright barbarity. After the war, Western Allies helped Jews reclaim their property, however many people, who were liberated by the Soviets, did not have this luxury. When families began to settle, and were in need of funds, they took it upon themselves to sue the establishments who had confiscated their possessions.Many companies and countries readily paid millions of dollars, however the largest payment, came from Germany itself. The World Jewish Congress estimates between 23-32 billion 1945 dollars were taken from Jews in Occupied Europe. (CQ researcher)This money was taken from jewish people through deceit, trickery and outright theft. In light of these occurrences, many jews put their savings in swi ss bank accounts. German officers also did the same with stolen money. After the war, the swiss banks kept this treasure they had amassed over a 12 year period. Other countries, such as Austria, and Poland stole precious possessions from Jewish families, such as rings, and trinkets. Personal items by the thousands were taken and used to make German Products. Things such as hair and fingernails were cut off and used to stuff pillows or to make cement. We will write a custom essay on The Holocaust Repirations and Payments specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now After the war, Western Allies helped Jews recalim their property as best as they could, however some jews lied, and stole other peoples precious belongings. Some governments formed formal investigation committies to discover what was whos so to speak. The new nation of Israel, which was taken from the Palistinians by the british, and given to the victims of the Holocaust, sued Germany for 4.5 Billion dollars. The money is critical for Israel to buy arms in order to stop any forms of rebellion.Many jews form class action suits against companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, both of whom allegedly used jewish slaves to make vehicles. The United States Government creates a Holocaust claims commitee, to oversee and aid in the return of money and property. Many individual companies paid money, however the largestpayment came from Germany itself. Germany agreed to pay 14 billion dollars over a period of 10-14 years to victims of the Holocaust.The money that the Swiss banks had kept, was b eing repaid. Several banks together agreed to pay 4.7 billion dollars in total to Holocaust families.Austria, pays 150 million dollars over a period of 15 years. However, some do not want anything to do with this money. This is because the money is made of mothers rings and fathers teeth. (Joast) Indeed the method most of this money was taken was in such a way, that to profit from such a horrible occurrence as this, one would have to lack certain qualities that reside in ones conscious.However the this shows us that the Holocaust victims were human, and not 100% victims as was the old notion. Many individuals were very critical of people who sought comfort and closure through million dollar settlements. What was taken from the millions of human beings during the Holocaust will and can never be returned, however money, should be the last thing on peoples minds when thinking of this.In fact, 67% of the people currently suing germany and other nations about the Holocaust, were not vict ims themselves. ( price tag can never be put on a human life, and never should be. Asking for money, simply puts a price tag on one of the most horrifying chapters of mankind.Instead of asking for money, they should ask that Germany educate its young, that Switzerland uses the money it stole, to create a Holocaust memorial, that Poland build Jewish temples, but not fatten ones wallet. Bibliography:

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Free Essays on Stock Market Crash 1929

The 1929 Stock Market Crash In early 1928 the Dow Jones Average went from a low of 191 early in the year, to a high of 300 in December of 1928 and peaked at 381 in September of 1929. (1929†¦) It was anticipated that the increases in earnings and dividends would continue. (1929†¦) The price to earnings ratings rose from 10 to 12 to 20 and higher for the market’s favorite stocks. (1929†¦) Observers believed that stock market prices in the first 6 months of 1929 were high, while others saw them to be cheap. (1929†¦) On October 3rd, the Dow Jones Average began to drop, declining through the week of October 14th. (1929†¦) On the night of Monday, October 21st, 1929, margin calls were heavy and Dutch and German calls came in from overseas to sell overnight for the Tuesday morning opening. (1929†¦) On Tuesday morning, out-of-town banks and corporations sent in $150 million of call loans, and Wall Street was in a panic before the New York Stock Exchange opened. (1929†¦) On Thursday, October 24th, 1929, people began to sell their stocks as fast as they could. Sell orders flooded the market exchanges. (1929†¦) This day became known as Black Thursday. (Black Thursday†¦) On a normal day, only 750-800 members of the New York Stock Exchange started the exchange. (1929†¦) There were 1100 members on the floor for the morning opening. (1929†¦) Furthermore, the exchange directed all employees to be on the floor since there were numerous margin calls and sell orders placed overnight. Extra telephone staff was also arranged at the member’s boxes around the floor. (1929†¦) The Dow Jones Average closed at 299 that day. (1929†¦) On Tuesday, October 29th, 1929, the crash began. (1929†¦) Within the first few hours, the price fell so far as to wipe out all gains that had been made the entire previous year. (1929†¦) This day the Dow Jones Average would close at 230. (1929†¦) Between October 29th, and November 13 over 30 billion doll... Free Essays on Stock Market Crash 1929 Free Essays on Stock Market Crash 1929 The 1929 Stock Market Crash In early 1928 the Dow Jones Average went from a low of 191 early in the year, to a high of 300 in December of 1928 and peaked at 381 in September of 1929. (1929†¦) It was anticipated that the increases in earnings and dividends would continue. (1929†¦) The price to earnings ratings rose from 10 to 12 to 20 and higher for the market’s favorite stocks. (1929†¦) Observers believed that stock market prices in the first 6 months of 1929 were high, while others saw them to be cheap. (1929†¦) On October 3rd, the Dow Jones Average began to drop, declining through the week of October 14th. (1929†¦) On the night of Monday, October 21st, 1929, margin calls were heavy and Dutch and German calls came in from overseas to sell overnight for the Tuesday morning opening. (1929†¦) On Tuesday morning, out-of-town banks and corporations sent in $150 million of call loans, and Wall Street was in a panic before the New York Stock Exchange opened. (1929†¦) On Thursday, October 24th, 1929, people began to sell their stocks as fast as they could. Sell orders flooded the market exchanges. (1929†¦) This day became known as Black Thursday. (Black Thursday†¦) On a normal day, only 750-800 members of the New York Stock Exchange started the exchange. (1929†¦) There were 1100 members on the floor for the morning opening. (1929†¦) Furthermore, the exchange directed all employees to be on the floor since there were numerous margin calls and sell orders placed overnight. Extra telephone staff was also arranged at the member’s boxes around the floor. (1929†¦) The Dow Jones Average closed at 299 that day. (1929†¦) On Tuesday, October 29th, 1929, the crash began. (1929†¦) Within the first few hours, the price fell so far as to wipe out all gains that had been made the entire previous year. (1929†¦) This day the Dow Jones Average would close at 230. (1929†¦) Between October 29th, and November 13 over 30 billion doll...

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Important Steps to Take for Earthquake Preparedness

Important Steps to Take for Earthquake Preparedness On the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, thousands of scientists, engineers and emergency management experts gathered in San Francisco for a conference. From that meeting of the minds came 10 recommended action steps for the region to take against future earthquakes. These 10 action steps apply to society at all levels, including individuals, businesses, and governments. This means that all of us who work for businesses and participate in government activities have ways to help beyond taking care of ourselves at home. This is not a checklist, but rather an outline of a permanent program. Not everyone can utilize all 10 steps, but everyone should try to carry out as many as possible. People elsewhere take part in a culture of preparedness for their regional hazard, whether they live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornados, blizzards or fires. Its different in earthquake country because the big events are rare and they occur without warning. Things on this list that may seem obvious in other places have yet to be learned in earthquake country   or, they were learned and forgotten, like the San Francisco region in the years after the 1906 quake. These action steps are crucial elements of a disaster-resilient civilization and serve 3 distinct purposes: making preparedness part of the regional culture, investing to reduce losses, and planning for recovery. Preparedness Know your risks. Study the buildings that you live in, work in or own: On what kind of ground are they sited? How might the transportation systems serving them be threatened? What seismic risks affect their lifelines? And how can they be made safer for you?Prepare to be self-sufficient. Not just your home, but your workplace too should be ready for 3 to 5 days without water, power or food. While this is the normal suggestion, FEMA suggests carrying up to 2 weeks worth of food and water.  Care for the most vulnerable. Individuals may be able to help their families and immediate neighbors, but people with special needs will need special preparations. Ensuring this necessary response for vulnerable populations and neighborhoods will take concerted, sustained action by governments.Collaborate on a regional response. Emergency responders already do this, but the effort should extend further. Government agencies and major industries must work together to help their regions prepare for ma jor earthquakes. This includes regional plans, training, and exercises as well as continuous public education. Loss Reduction Focus on dangerous buildings. Fixing buildings that are likely to collapse will save the most lives. Mitigation measures for these buildings include retrofitting, rebuilding and controlling occupancy to reduce exposure to risk. Governments and building owners, working with earthquake professionals, bear the most responsibility here.Ensure essential facilities function. Every facility needed for emergency response must be capable of not just surviving a large quake, but also remaining functional afterward. These include fire and police stations, hospitals, schools and shelters and emergency command posts. Much of this task is already a legal requirement in many states.Invest in critical infrastructure. Energy supplies, sewage, and water, roads, and bridges, rail lines and airports, dams, and levees, cellular communications the list is long of functions that must be ready for survival and quick recovery. Governments need to prioritize these and invest in retrofitting or rebuilding as much as they can while keeping a long-term perspective. Recovery Plan for regional housing. In the midst of disrupted infrastructure, uninhabitable buildings and widespread fires, displaced people will need relocation housing for both the short and the long term. Governments and major industries must plan for this in collaboration.Protect your financial recovery. Everyone   individuals, agencies, and businesses must estimate what their repair and recovery costs are likely to be after a major earthquake, then arrange a plan to cover those costs.Plan for regional economic recovery. Governments at all levels must collaborate with the insurance industry and major regional industries to ensure the provision of relief money for individuals and for communities. Timely funds are crucial for recovery, and the better the plans, the fewer mistakes will be made. Edited by Brooks Mitchell

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Morris, note on sculpture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Morris, note on sculpture - Essay Example He was in the forefront of art movement in America which included process art and land art. His major works included â€Å"notes on sculpture†, anti-Form, creation of minimalist key exemplars like rectangular beams and cubes which had no figuration. I would characterize Morris’ status in art history as an influential art personality who changed the industry of art. This is due to his works that introduced indeterminacy and temporality in the field of art. According to Morris, (3), Morris defines the most fundamental components of sculpture as to include: mass which has to do with the bulk of the sculpture. This is important because it defines the sculpture’s edges the second one is space. This is that air around the given solid sculpture. It is important for linking separate sculpture parts and defines the sculpture edges. Additionally it can provide areas of emptiness in the sculpture when enclosed by a part of the very sculpture. Color, dimension, flatness and texture may also be some important elements of a sculpture including shape. Gestalt is a term used to refer to a pattern or configuration of elements that are unified as a whole. As such it implies some pattern. Morris used pyramids, cubes and polyhedrons that are regular to achieve this. He asserted that this forms when used can result in to one achieving a very strong sensation of Gestalt. Gestalt, thus he described to be patterns or even configurations that the whole is considered to produce greater significance that is better than when the parts are individually considered and are also different. Gestalt is generally the pattern brought by the whole and not an individual piece of the whole. Indeed Morris claims that sculptures exist in a situation and not as self-contained forms. This he asserts by arguing that sculptures communicate situations that the artist needed to depict (Morris, 17). As

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McDonald's Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

McDonald's - Case Study Example McDonald has shown great business acumen, flexibility and commitment to these values to stand solid and gain competitive advantage through creating differential advantages in every segment. Political factors: government policy can have impact on the economy and business. By imposing higher tax on fast food industry government can influence the business and its profitability in a country where the business is situated. Government can fix up minimum wages or bonus for workers in chin stores that can inflate the wage bills of a fast food chain like McDonald. Economic factors: interest rates, taxation changes, economic growth, inflation and exchange rates ruling in the country of operation always affect the business. Many governments consider fast food stores as luxurious segment of business and impose higher taxes. Higher interest rates often deter investment because of higher costs for borrowing funds. Inflation keeps the fast food prices higher and deters youths the target customers to eat in McDonalds. Social factors: Changes in social trends can have impact on the demand for a McDonald's products. Workers may not be sufficiently available or not willing to work for the prescribed wage and benefit structure. The aging population in UK and Japan have made the labour cost higher. Young Turks who visit fast food chains more frequently prefer young faces to serve. Older workers claim longer and higher pension. Technological factors: new technologies create new products and new processes that can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to innovation. These new developments always benefit consumers as well as the organisations providing the products. McDonald can afford introducing these newer technologies better and provide benefits to its consumers. Environmental factors: The growing desire to protect the environment is having an impact on many industries and fast food is one of those. Government imposes many rules in order to protect environment. Environmentalists always campaign and raise issues on this external factor that is gaining importance everyday. Legal factors: legal environment in which firms operate is very vital. Significant legal changes in UK have affected McDonald. For example an increase in the minimum wage and greater requirements for firms to recycle. Legal changes usually affect a firm's costs. The planning and prosperity of a venture abroad is guaranteed only when the macro environment of the country where the business is operating is congenial enough to promote the business. For example the political system of the country is smooth enough to let the investment fructify and provide appreciable returns. The nature of government whether democratic or communist or military or dictatorship is a determinant factor. The political scenario, its local government, labour profile, leadership, media industry profile and general populace are important considerations. The social and cultural system of the country should also enable the local populace to accept the product for consumption. Global expansion made Mc Donald giant and truly multinational but had had to face many controversial issues on health,

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Titus :: essays research papers

Titus" by William Shakespeare, Titus was a decent and honorable man. Titus loved and cherished his daughter Lavinia. He was a traditionalist, and stuck by his morals. Titus was brave. He showed he was loyal to those he cared for. He honored his family. Titus was a respected soldier and leader. Titus was a decent man because he loved and cherished his daughter Lavinia. Being Lavinia was his only daughter of twenty-six children; he spoke highly of her. In act 1, Titus addresses the public by saying "Kind Rome, that hast thus loving reserved, The cordial of mine age to glad my heart. Lavinia live, outlive thy father's days, and fame's eternal date, for virtues praise" (138). He is describing the link between Lavinia and his heart, and telling her to outlive, and go beyond him. In act 3 Titus shows he would do anything for Lavinia after her hands were chopped off. He says "Give me a sword, I'll chop off my hands too" (194). Being willing to sacrifice his own hands for his daughter shows his deep love for her. Lavinia means so much to Titus, that in act 3 he explains "But that which gives my soul the greatest spurn, Is dear Lavinia, dearer than my soul" (195), meaning his dear Lavinia's misery is giving his soul the greatest amount of hurt. Af ter comparing Ovid's description of the forest to where Titus and his sons hunted, he cries out "O' had we never, never hunted there! Patterned by that the poet here describes, By nature made for murders and for rapes" (214). Titus cares so much for his daughter that he is blaming himself for hunting in a place that is set for a murder or rape to occur. Being a traditionalist is another quality that made Titus an honorable man. In act 1 Titus shows his respect for religious tradition by telling Tamora, "Alive and dead, and for their brethren slain, Religiously they ask a sacrifice. To this your son is marked, and die he must, T'appease their groaning shadows that are gone" (135). He is obeying religion and will kill Tamora's oldest son (Alarbus), for those who have sinned in his family. When Alarbus is being buried in act 1, Titus makes a speech that states "In peace and honour rest you here, my sons; Rome's readiest champions, repose you here in rest, Secure from worldly chances and mishaps.

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Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 16-17

Chapter 16 I searched in vain for peaceful sleep but never found it. Instead when I closed my eyes I saw Damon, his legs curled around a hard wooden chair, his arms bound in ropes. His skin bled, the droplets a dark maroon where the vervain-soaked ropes bit into his flesh. Next came the images of Callie, her flame-colored hair flowing behind her, her eyes lit with a frightening passion. She and her father danced around Damon, my brothers form prone on the ground. They threw their hands in the air tauntingly, gripping wooden stakes, the ends so sharpened they reached a fine point. Their movements became more frenzied as they approached, readying their weapons But worst of all were the visions of Katherine. I would see her, looking beautiful as always, her porcelain face hovering above mine and her glossy mane tickling my shoulders. With a coy, knowing smile she would lean toward me, and then she would open her mouth. Her fangs glinted in the lamp light as they plunged into my neck. My eyes flew open. Sleep would not afford me any rest. My mind went to memories of Katherine. The human part of me–or what was left of it–hated her with every fiber of my being. My hand curled into a fist involuntarily when I thought of her, and how shed destroyed my family. But the vampire part of me missed what shed represented–stability and love. And just as that part of my soul would last for eternity, so too would the part of me that longed for her. I wanted her now, beside me, curled up in my sheets. I wanted her to lean against the windowsill and listen as I told her about Damon, and tell me, in her calm, even cold, matter-of-fact way what to do. Being with Katherine had made me fearless, confident. She had made everything seem possible. Even though I trusted Lexi, I knew she didnt trust me to take care of things she didnt believe that any plan I had would work. That was why Lexi reminded me so often of all the obstacles in my path. I longed for the Katherine I had fallen for, the one who seemed both fearless and to truly care for me. I wanted her by my side right now so I would feel less alone. But I knew that couldnt be. That Katherine had never really existed. Besides, she was gone, and she was never coming back. The door opened, and Lexi stood there, a goblet of animal blood in her hands. She brought it to my lips. I took a few deep sips, despite the disgust it called up in me. When I had drained the cup, she put it on the nightstand, then brushed my hair off my forehead. â€Å"Are you still going to the fight tonight?† â€Å"Are you going to try to stop me?† â€Å"No.† Lexi bit her lip. â€Å"Not so long as you simply leave it at saving your brother. Revenge is for humans–and killing Gallagher wont teach humans any lesson.† I nodded, all the while knowing Id use brute force if it was necessary to free Damon. â€Å"Good.† Lexi turned to leave. Halfway toward the door, she turned back and locked eyes with me, and her expression softened. â€Å"Youve cheated death once. I hope youll cheat it a second time.† After dressing, I walked to Lake Road with human speed. By the time I got there, it was past dusk. Lanterns and torches were set up around the perimeter of the fairgrounds, making the entire area look as if it was bathed in daylight. The circus tent was striped red and white, and surrounded by midway games and individual booths. â€Å"Fortunes Told!† a poster above one read. â€Å"See the Worlds Ugliest Woman–If You Dare!† proclaimed another. I could hear the chattering of some type of animal coming from a far corner, but I couldnt get a sense of where Damon was. Just then, Callie walked out of the main tent, trailed by her father and her two henchmen. She was wearing the same pair of overalls shed had on the night before over a mans linen shirt, and her hair fell around her shoulders. There was a smudge of dirt beneath her eye. I had a sudden urge to wipe it away but stuck my hands in my pocket instead. â€Å"Stefan!† she called, her face breaking into a smile. â€Å"Youre here. Father, this is the man I told you about.† Mr. Gallagher looked even more imposing up close. He towered above me, his dark brows knitted together. I kept my expression open, innocent. Lexi said Gallagher was a skilled vampire hunter–would he be able to detect the truth just by staring at me? â€Å"My daughter says youre curious about vampires,† he said. â€Å"Prove youre serious and work the ticket counter. Then we can talk.† â€Å"Yes, sir.† I nodded, feeling like Stefan the obedient child. â€Å"And, boy?† Gallagher asked, turning back toward me. â€Å"Yes?† â€Å"You want to place a bet on the fight? Winnerll take a lot. Could make you a fortune.† He raised an eyebrow. My eyes narrowed, and blood screamed through my veins, fast and hot. How dare this man ask me to bet on my brothers life? How dare he act so self-important when I could rip his throat out in an instant? â€Å"Stefan?† Callie asked warily. Forcing myself to calm down, I reached into the pockets of my well-worn britches and pulled them inside out. â€Å"Im afraid I have no money, sir. Thats why Im so grateful to have this job.† Gallagher took a step closer to me. â€Å"You say youre from Mississippi, boy?† He gazed at me curiously. â€Å"Your accent sounds more northern–maybe Virginian.† â€Å"My parents were from Virginia. I suppose their accent rubbed off on me,† I said in as casual a voice as I could muster. After a long moment, he nodded. â€Å"Well, when you rustle up some currency, come find me. In the meantime, Callie will show you the ropes. And son?† he called, turning on his heel. â€Å"Yes, sir?† I asked. â€Å"Ill be watching you.† Chapter 17 Dont be bothered by him,† Callie said, once her father was a safe distance away. â€Å"Im not,† I lied. Her green eyes flicked over me, as if she didnt believe my words. But she didnt press the issue. â€Å"Ill give you a quick tour,† she said, taking me into one of the smaller tents. In a corner, a woman was hunched over a mirror. She turned, and I took a step back. Her face was covered with tattoos, which, upon closer inspection, were courtesy of rapidly drying India ink. â€Å"The tattooed woman,† Callie said. â€Å"And the conjoined twins.† The woman and the twins next to her waved at us. The twins bodies were connected at the hip. They were beautiful, with blond hair and sad expressions. A man with flippers instead of arms whispered something in one of their ears. They glanced at each other, then broke into laughter. â€Å"This is the show.† Callie opened her hands wide, and for the first time I noticed a wooden stake dangling on a silver chain from her wrist. She also had a sprig of vervain tucked behind her ear. â€Å"Miss Callie!† A hulking, seven-foot-tall mountain of a man ducked under the door of the tent and walked toward us. He picked her up by her tiny waist and swung her around. â€Å"Arnold!† she said gleefully. â€Å"The worlds strongest man. Married to the bearded lady,† she explained to me before looking back up at Arnold. â€Å"How is Caroline feeling?† The giant shrugged. â€Å"Shes doing well. Cant wait to come back and introduce everyone to the babies.† â€Å"They just had twins!† Callie said fondly. I nodded my greeting to the man and gazed over Callies shoulder. Where were they keeping Damon? â€Å"Are you okay?† Callie asked. She brushed my arm, and I flinched when the vervain touched my skin. â€Å"I just need air,† I said, bursting out of the tent. Callie ran after me. â€Å"Im sorry, Stefan,† she said, her voice cold. â€Å"Some people dont like it here. Theyre not comfortable. But somehow I thought youd be different.† â€Å"No, its not that.† Even surrounded by these human curiosities, I was the biggest freak of them all: the vampire who pretended to be human. â€Å"Ive just got a lot on my mind. I promise you, I like it here.† â€Å"Okay,† she said, not sounding quite convinced. But she continued to lead me farther into the grounds. We passed a two-headed cat, a sad-looking monkey playing â€Å"Old Tom Dooley† on a harmonica, and the skeleton of what a sign declared to be a sea monster. Some freaks milling around were obviously actors, wearing fabric tubes filled with straw to simulate extra limbs, while others had been born that way. â€Å"Come with me,† Callie said as she tugged on my arm. But I stayed. A black iron wagon rolled up to the tent, similar to the one Father had used to round up vampires during the Mystic Falls siege. It stopped, and the driver jumped from the cart. Immediately, five burly men rushed up with stakes. Once they were in place, the driver unlocked the back of the wagon. The scent of vervain wafted in the air, causing my joints to ache. Damon. â€Å"And theres your vampire,† Callie said, her mouth set in a firm line as all five men dragged Damon from the back of the wagon. One burly man, his sweat-stained shirt rolled at the sleeves, kept a stake positioned firmly over his heart. â€Å"Gentle now, Jasper! We need him alive before the fight!† Callie called, her voice sharp. Damon turned, baring his teeth in our direction. I saw surprise in his eyes, which quickly turned into contempt. â€Å"My little brother, the good Samaritan,† he whispered under his breath, barely moving his jaw. Luckily, he said it low enough that only I heard. His voice sent a tremor through my body. Callie cocked her head, and I realized how risky it was for Damon and me to be in such close proximity. Would spite cause him to call me out as a fellow demon? â€Å"Are you sure I cant help with the vampire?† I asked her. â€Å"You heard my father. Well start you at the ticket counter. And if anyone tries to sneak in, let Buck handle them,† she said, gesturing to the hulking man hovering several paces behind her like a distended shadow. A commotion sounded in front of the tent. Callie let out a whistle as we approached. The front flap was closed tight, and a mass of people had surrounded a wooden ticket booth. Some, dressed in tattered britches and with dirt-stained hands, were clearly from the shantytown surrounding the lake. But others were dressed in their finest: the men in top hats and silk smoking jackets, the women in feather-adorned hats and silk dresses, fur stoles draped around their bosoms. Callie turned to me, her eyes shining. â€Å"Its never been so busy. Dads going to be so happy!† she said, clapping her hands together. â€Å"Now, go help Buck,† she commanded before running back around the tent. I stood in the wooden booth at the entrance, listening for Damon. But instead my ears filled with snatches of human conversation. â€Å"Ive got a hundred dollars on the lion.† â€Å"No, the vampire. Monsters always win over beasts.† â€Å"Ive told this pretty lady here that she owes me a kiss if the beast wins.† One man hiccupped, obviously drunk. I ground my teeth, wanting to lash out, to bite each and every one of them, to teach them a lesson. But I remembered Lexis words about revenge. Killing these men would not help Damon. A hand clapped my shoulder. I whirled around, ready to bare my teeth. It was Gallagher, his face flushed with excitement. â€Å"We have to hustle, son! The fights about to start, and the more we pack em in, the bigger the payday.† He hopped on an overturned apple crate standing just outside the entrance. â€Å"Step right up, folks! Welcome to my Odditorium! See the worlds ugliest woman, marvel at the worlds strongest man! But thats just the warm-up act. Because tonight, we have a battle royale, the likes of which have never been seen. Monster versus Beast. Who will win? And who wants to bet? Because this is one death that will lead to riches for some.† The crowd pressed in more tightly around me, swarming like a mass of hungry insects. Gallagher grinned at me. â€Å"Get em in, and get em bidding.† And so I held out my hand, collecting their coins and orange stubs of paper, all the while resisting the urge to reach out and snap their necks, as easily as I would a twig branch, and drink the liquid within.

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Hypnotherapy Reputable Or Misleading - 1170 Words

Hypnotherapy: Reputable or Misleading? At some point in our life we may be faced with the question, â€Å"Is hypnosis real?† The question can be presented anytime and anywhere. Whether it takes place before your eyes at the county fair or in the office of a psychiatrist, hypnotherapy is sure to raise some interest. The issue at hand, for most individuals, is trying to debunk as to whether or not one can actually rely on hypnotherapy. Does hypnotherapy truly resolve a problem or is the whole act just a placebo effect to suppress memories or habits? What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is the act of an individual guided through relaxation, and intense concentration that is focused on specific thoughts or actions (Hypnotherapy-Hypnosis 1). There are two subtypes of hypnotherapy, the two forms being suggestive hypnotherapy and analysis hypnotherapy. Through suggestive hypnotherapy, a certified professional can provide the patient with alternatives, methods of dealing with behaviors or perceptions they may be dealing with. Analysis therapy involves a certified professional first setting the foundation by revealing the trauma, then suggesting alternatives, creating a long-term positive effect. When taking the hypnotherapy approach, the most effective approach is for individuals who suffer from obstacles such as: irrational fears, excessive eating, procrastination, anxiety, etc. Individuals who suffer from habits such as these, as well as other habits, can expect a positive outcome